Hytec Automotive Inc., through exclusive alliances produces HyTorque, new generation starter batteries with a production capacity of more than 4 million units per year. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest engineering technologies available. Closed cycle production includes all production stages of lead plates, mono blocks and up final battery forming.

Starting capacities of HyTorque Automotive accumulator batteries, manufactured in compliance with Ca/Ca leading technology, are ranked at the top of their class. Calcium addition into positive and negative electrodes prevents water excessive boiling up, resulting in improved reliability and durability with 1.5 times increase in service life.

For Premium Class HyTorque batteries, special additives for active material are used, the additives being the main expertise of the company. These additives used jointly with more expensive and pure quality materials and components, literally improve overall technical characteristics of these batteries as compared with the standard class Quality HyTorque batteries.


  • TS 16949 Certified
  • ISO 9000/9002 Certified
  • UL Certified
  • Manufactured and produced with 100% pure LEAD Plates
  • High Quality base materials and components
  • Reliable QA/QC of Electronic connections
  • Special Vibration-absorbing compound, fixing plates in mono-block cells
  • State of the Art Equipment facilities from Major World Manufacturers


  • Know-how technologies (formula of special active material preparation)
  • Engine Start facilitation and acceleration
  • Engine Reliable start at low and high temperatures
  • Durability and Additional Stored Energy
  • Maintenance Free Characteristics (throughout the warranty Period)
  • Increase of Storage Term (does not require recharging when stored for 12 months)
  • Reduced internal electrical resistance under environmental temperature


  • Central gas-extraction system with Flame Arrester (no acidic aerosol emission)
  • Body Case produced from impact, freeze and high temperature resistant Polypropylene
  • Reinforced design of Strong, durable, shock and vibration resistant Polypropylene case
  • Center Cast-on Plate Straps
  • Low-Resistance Envelope Separators
  • Wrought Lead-Calcium Grids
  • Hydrometer built for faster checking of specific gravity, charge and performance
  • Double lid and Double lid with labyrinth structure

Let the Technology of HYTORQUE Power Your Road