HYTEC AUTOMOTIVE GROUP Inc., established and serving the US Domestic and International Markets for more than 20 years, with the highest quality products, competitive prices and the best service, is proud to introduce “HYTORQUE” Batteries, its first proprietary line of Heavy-Duty, High Performance, State of the Art Technology Batteries dedicated to serve the Auto/Truck/SUV, Heavy Duty, Golf, Lawn & Garden, and Marine Market Segments.

The HYTORQUE Battery Line comes to join an extensive line of HYTEC AUTOMOTIVE high quality TS-16949 Certified aftermarket products including, but not limited to, high performance water pumps, shock absorbers, hub bearings, fan clutches, etc.

HYTEC AUTOMOTIVE GROUP Inc., making a long-term strategic commitment to the HYTORQUE Battery Product Line and has established an exclusive manufacturing alliance with a top globally-recognized battery manufacturer that will provide HYTEC’s valued customer and distribution base with reliable, highest quality batteries, manufactured under the most stringent Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures and in full compliance with ISO 9001/9002 Certification procedures.

HYTEC AUTOMOTIVE GROUP Inc. counts with decades of experienced personnel and an excellent record of manufacturing, sales, distribution and service expertise, which together with our strategic location in Doral, South Florida and 35,000 square feet storage and distribution makes us your ideal strategic partner for battery supply throughout the Southeastern US and export to the Americas.